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Episode 079: Navel Gazing on a Boulder

Will tries to decide what to do with the podcast as he heads toward his 40th birthday, his kid's 3rd birthday, and the podcast's 5th birthday. 

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Episode 078: Potatoes and the Entangled Subject of Writing

Will tries to sort out the entangled subjects of writing and potatoes. He analyzes a clip of writer Steven Johnson talking with Kerri Miller about how potatoes were at the center of a turning point in writer Michael Pollan's career. Pollan greatly influenced Johnson and his book The Botany of Desire, which devotes a chapter to potatoes, changed not only the way we look at food in America, but also the way we see ourselves as food writers. Will draws on the new materialism of Karen Barad to help theorize methods of tracing entanglements practiced by many contemporary popular and academic writers.    

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Episode 077: The Whole Burrito: Chipotle, Micro(be)politics, Sick Days, and Social Justice

Will wrote a dissertation that looked at—among other food issues—the history of the burrito and Chipotle Mexican Grill's use of online media to persuade people to eat burritos. In another chapter, he also looked at something he called micro(be)politics. One of the things he found is that there's this idea going around right now that we are more like ecosystems than individuals. There are microbes covering everything around us and in us. We are way more microbe than human in terms of our cellular make up and our DNA. Our "selves" contain way more bacterial DNA than human DNA. Will is really interested in the way that this idea challenges our notion of what it means to be human. How might we behave differently if we understand ourselves as ecosystems rather than humans? How might we relate to one another and our ecologies? So naturally, he followed with great interest the headlines about Chipotle's problems with foodborne illness because it exists at this intersection of burritos, micro(be)politics, and rhetoric or persuasion. In this episode, Will looks at the connections between Chipotle, microbes, ethos, and social justice. 

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Episode 076: Burning Clean and Even: Rhetorical Convection and Expert Barbecue Talk

Will returns after a bit of a hiatus to talk about the way we talk about barbecue. He does a rhetorical analysis of Christopher Kimball's conversation with pitmaster Aaron Franklin to uncover the nuances in expressions of expertise in a topic with a lot of ambiguity.   

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Episode 075: Mise en Place

Cooking is not always the hard part of cooking. Sometimes getting your mind right is the hardest part. Getting your space right can be the hardest part. Getting to a state of mind where you can see such work as a joy can be difficult. But if you have negotiated with those around you to be the cook or share the cooking responsibilities, getting into the right state of mind will go a long way toward joy and ease. Mise en place can help. 

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Will takes another look at the concept of family dinners, makes crepes, and mourns the passing of his grandmother. 

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Episode 073: Peking Duck and Diplomacy

Will looks back on the role that food played in diplomacy during President Richard Nixon's historic visit to China. 

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Episode 072: Cereal Rhetorics

Will reads deeply into the cereal box. 

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Will is back after 6 months. He's thinking about food, culture, and technology.

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Episode 070: Answers to the Queso Question

Will goes down another rabbit hole filled with queso. This time, however, he emerges with four answers to the queso question. (How does one make queso without Velveeta?)

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Episode 069: Barbecue and/as Religion

Will and family go out to “the cathedral of smoke,” Louie Mueller Barbecue. Will’s mom is a preacher and the trip gets him thinking about the intersections of barbecue and religion. It goes beyond metaphor. Have a listen. 

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Episode 068: Burritosearch? Researrito?

No Satiation gets named one of the top 10 food blogs in Austin by The Austin Chronicle ( Will has been up to his eyeballs in burrito research, but it is nothing compared to Bill Addison's Bay-area burrito quest some years back. Listen to some of Addison's criteria for a good burrito, then find out Will's pick for the best California-style burrito in town. 

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Episode 067: Getting Technical With MM Pack

Will talks with food writer, chef, and food historian MM Pack. Pack did what many people dream about: she quit her tech writing job and went to culinary school. As a trained writer and a trained chef, Pack has a unique perspective on the similarities of technical writing and cooking. 

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Episode 066: Michael Pollan, the Genre

Will talks about Michael Pollan, the genre, not the man. He examines "the dupe," a popular implied or imagined character in the genre that is Pollan.  

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Episode 065: Keep Your Food Writing Fresh

Will talks with Austin American-Statesman food writer Addie Broyles about how to keep food writing fresh, avoid burnout, and listen for the kairotic moment that reveals itself during the writing process.

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Episode 064: Food Studies Project

Will interviews Jennifer Huang, the incoming president of Food Studies Project at The University of Texas at Austin. Also, the podcast is going on hiatus until Aug. 8. In the meantime, buy some shirts, won't you? 

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Episode 063: Cue Conversation

The Texas Monthy list of 50 Best BBQ Joints in the World just came out. Cue conversations. Will talks with Dr. Frederick Coye Heard about barbecue commonplaces, traditions, and evolution.  

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This one is heavy. The title for this episode comes from the last line of "Woman under Siege: Leningrad 1941-1942," by Darra Goldstein in the book From Betty Crocker to Feminist Food Studies: Critical Perspectives on Women and Food. The chapter is full of details about what happened during the German siege of Leningrad in World War II from September 8 1941 to January 27 1944. Specifically, it is about how women fed their families during the siege. Powerful stuff.

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Episode 061: When In Austin

Will sits down with fellow podcaster Terry Grier of the podcast When In Austin ( They talk about food, podcasting, and life in general. 

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Episode 060: Awash in El Lago

Will lets out a secret, tries to rally listeners for Austin Bakes for West (, and talks with Elizabeth Gunz of El Lago Foods. El Lago is in many ways the foundation upon which Central Texas Tex-Mex is built so listen up. (Full disclosure: they paid me in tortillas after the interview.)

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Episode 059: Quick Stories from Matt's Famous El Rancho

It's more of a snack than a full episode. Have a listen to the folks behind Matt's El Rancho tell a few quick stories about this storied institution. That interview was conducted by Letisha Brown and Scott Pryor for the Foodways Texas oral history archives. Interviewed were Janie Martinez, Gloria Reyna, Cecilia Muela, Cathy Kreitz. You can find this clip and a transcript at Many thanks to Foodways Texas for the great work they are doing.

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Episode 058: Our Barbecue, Ourselves

On his 13th wedding anniversary, Will reflects on the fact that he didn't have to pawn anything to take the lovely Anastasia out to eat this year. He celebrates the AFBA cookbook launch. And he talks with food writer and BBQ lover Kenny Pailes about the 2013 Foodways Texas Symposium, "Our Barbecue, Ourselves."

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Episode 057: Flour Power

Will continues his quest to explore the ingredients that make up the regional cuisine that is Tex-Mex with an episode devoted to the flour tortilla. He shares some history of the flour tortilla from Jeffrey M. Pilcher's Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food and he talks with Paqui Tortilla founder Doug Lyon about what goes into artisan flour tortillas.  

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Episode 056: The Queso Question

Will goes down a rabbit hole filled with queso. A question was put to the South By Southwest Interactive 2013 Panel, "Eating to Live Online" ( about whether it was wrong to love TexMex. Will tries to uncover some of the rhetorical complexities raised by the question. Short answer: Even though it only has two ingredients, queso is complicated. 

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Episode 055: Eating to Live Online-The SXSW Interactive Panel

Listen to the SXSW panel discussion "Eating to Live Online: Virtual Food & Real Life" with Addie Broyles, food writer for the Austin American-Statesman, Hilah Johnson of the web cooking series Hilah Cooking, and Mary Helen Leonard of the blog Mary Makes Dinner and This is just the discussion part of the panel. So you aren't getting salad or dessert, just the main entrée. You can go to to hear the whole thing, including the intro and a Q&A. 

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Episode 054: Eating to Live Online-The SXSW Interactive Preview

Will teases his South By Southwest Interactive panel and talks with Daily Dot reporter Michelle Jaworski about what he hopes people take away from the panel. If you are going to SXSWi, check out the panel, "Eating to Live Online: Virtual Food and Real Life." Here are the details: 


Start Time:11:00 AM

End Time:12:00 PM


Venue:Sheraton Austin

Room:Capitol EFGH

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Episode 053: Remanifesting

Will (that's still me, writing in the third person for some reason) talks about the manifesto he wrote a little over a year ago that launched the podcast. He thinks aloud about the things he might have said differently and takes a moment to reflect on what he has learned from doing the podcast. 

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Episdoe 052: Spice It Up!

Things get spicy when Will talks with Karen Aboussie of Savory Spice Shop on West 6th Street in Austin. They talk about hot things like peppers and exotic things like fennel pollen and black Korean garlic. They also dip into the more esoteric aspects of spices like their ability to unlock memories and cure disease. 

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Episode 051: Shooting Food, Part Deux

Will tries to edit down part two of his interview with food filmmaker Christian Remde. There's a lot of bad editing, a bit of recap for those who didn't listen to the last episode, and then they get down to the meat and potatoes. They talk about the challenges of shooting food, what is irritating about the current state of food media, and how passion for their niche can help content creators make better work.  

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Episode 050: Shooting Food

Will's not talking about hunting. He's talking with filmmaker and food lover Christian Remde about how he started making videos about food. The conversation is so good it's going to take two episodes to contain it all. After you listen to this episode, go watch the documenary Remde made about Contigo:

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Episode 049: Small Batch Jams, Jellies, and Preserves

Episode 149: Small Batch Jams, Jellies, and Preserves

Will introduces the episode and makes way for a great conversation between producer Melanie Haupt and Stephanie McClenny of Confituras. They talk about local sourcing, the price of jam, and the inspiration for the flavors that go into the jars. 

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Episode 048: DIY Preservation

Will talks about a Nordic goat cheese fire, German spätzle vandalism, and whether you can stir-fry with water. Producer Melanie Haupt talks with author and DIY goddess Kate Payne about the finer points of small batch food preservation. 

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Episode 047: The Grammar of Food

Will talks about some news tidbits like Texas single malt whiskey, chefs dining on ping-pong tables, and the dangers of immersion blenders. He also reads and riffs on "The Grammar of Food" from Food Is Culture by Massimo Montanari.

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Episode 046: Shroooms!

Will talks about his mini-mushroom farm, mushroom clothing, and mushroom hunting. Also, he gives what is, perhaps, the worst-ever performance of excerpts from John Cage's "Indeterminacy," a piece with several mushroom-related stories. And he repeatedly mispronounces "Indeterminacy." And many other words.

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Episode 045: New Year's Resolutions (And a $50 Offer to You!)

Will talks about making oyster fritters, New Year's Resolutions, and, in a roundabout sort of way, announces he's hiring freelancers to do interviews.

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A Note On Episode 044: Video

Hey. No Satiation Episode 144 was a video episode. Go check it out at

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This is a special (short!) video edition of the podcast. Will and The Lovely Anastasia were in The Bay Area last week visiting pals. They went to a few farmers markets, bought some fresh produce, cooked it up, and had some nice meals. They also got some of that famous San Francisco sourdough, ate at some food trucks, and perused the wonderfully curated foodstuffs in the Ferry Building.

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Episode 043: Worst Episode Ever

Will goes to San Francisco, one of the best spots for food blogging and podcasting the United States, and comes back virtually empty handed, at least in terms of audio material. No interviews, no on-location reports, no reviews. Nothing. He did take some B-roll, so check the Watch tab of for video. He also got a cool hoodie from a mushroom purveyor. He did have soup dumplings, which are pretty rad. And he talks about his first time eating at In-N-Out Burger. 

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Episode 042: East Side King Opens and Will Blows It

December 4th was the date for one of the most anticipated openings of the year, East Side King's new location at the storied Hole in the Wall. Will went to Hole in the Wall to check out ESK offerings, but the next day his cat died and he wasn't able to post a podcast episode. Then to make matters worse, he never recorded a voice-over, an intro, any interviews, or anything. But he does join a mile high club, of sorts. 

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Episode 041: Must Go!

Everything in the fridge must go! That's what Will's mom used to say when it was leftover night. This is the podcast version of leftover night. Listen as Will hosts a Thanksgiving Leftover Cook-off, talks to some friends about leftovers, teases a video by Christian Remde about the Hole in the Wall location of East Side King, and laments the closing of Sagra. Those last two have nothing to do with leftovers. But it can't be all leftovers all the time. 

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Episode 040: Thanksgiving Leftover Cook-Off

Will is hosting a live, online cook-off, using Thanksgiving leftovers as main ingredients. The challenge is this: turn Thanksgiving leftovers into tasty treats in just 30 minutes. Afterward, photos and descriptions will be uploaded on Mary Makes Dinner for voting. Prizes were donated by Google. At stake are a copy of Modernist Cuisine at Home and a $50 Sur La Table Gift Card. Many thanks to Mary Helen Leonard from Mary Makes Dinner for organizing and asking will to host this Google + Hangout with her, Rachelle King of, Amy Kritzer of, Lindsay Shugarman of Here are the deets: Thanksgiving Leftover Cook-Off November, 23 at 6:00 PM CST. It is live via Google + Hangout. You can RSVP on Google+.

More Info & Voting Page:

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Episode 039: Pasties! From Cornwall!

Will talks about the phenomenon of semantic satiation, talks about festival food, and travels back in time (in his mind) to merry old England for a Cornish pasty. He cobbles together the history of Cornish pasties so you don't have to Google it. 

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Episode 038: The Austin Food Blogger Alliance (And Why Bloggers Need This Sort of Thing)

Will gets home late from an Austin Food Blogger Alliance board meeting and contemplates the insecurities that come with joining new organizations and doing new media folk art. It's not an episode on the rich and colorful history of Cornish pasties, but it is an episode. 

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Episode 037: Wanderlust

Will laments the (hopefully seasonal) closing of Bananarchy, the frozen banana stand in S. Austin. He starts the feel the wanderlust, brought on by The Perennial Plate, a trip to West Texas, and the Edible Austin special edition on travel. An excerpt from Calvin Trillin's Tales From the Tummy Trilogy offers some comfort. Also, he urges listeners to help victims of Hurricane Sandy by donating to, an organization providing food to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Episode 036: Homebrew!

Will talks about his trip to West Texas and sits down with DWRL HNIC Hampton Finger to talk (and talk) about homebrew. Also many shouts out to Annemarie at for sending some great treats from the Boston area for the Austin Food Blogger Alliance food swap.

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Episode 035: The SquareRüt Kava Bar

Will plans for a trip to West Texas, gets ready to jump (JUMP!) off the wagon, and chills out with some kava. Listen to a great conversation with Tracy Moreno, co-owner, with Scott Pingel, of SquareRüt Kava Bar. These folks ain't squares, and they (surprisingly) ain't hippies, either. They are just good folks with a very interesting product. Check it out. 

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Episode 034: Hooray Ginger Beer!

Will talks about growing up and being on committees, not drinking, and turning to ginger beer as his nighttime beverage of choice. Listen to the experts talk about how ginger beer is traditionally made and listen to Will rave over the potato chip cookies made by the lovely Anastasia.

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Episode 033: Let's Debate How Awesome Gardens Are

Will talks about things that make him feel a little bit guilty like eating a nice meal out, eating baby cows' faces, and skipping a podcast. In honor of the presidential debate, listen to a snippet from the FLOTUS' book, American Grown. Will urges listeners to listen to the debate, often referring to them in the plural, presumably foreshadowing future debates. Or perhaps he's just rusty from taking a week off.

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Episode 032: Far Out Pizza

Will worries about how he's going to continue the podcast with a full-time job. He muses about Chicago style pizza, wonders about long distance pizza delivery, and follows the logic of association.

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Episode 031: Sick Day (Chicken Soup)

Listen to Will whine about being sick. And then listen to a bit of Steinbeck's East of Eden in which chicken soup is offered as a panacea.  

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Episode 030: Things I've Been Meaning To Do

Will stops by Heath Camp in Waco, which he's been meaning to do for years. Also, he recreates Taco Deli's Salsa Doña, another thing on the list. He contributes to a cookbook, causing him great anxiety, and he generally tries to get back in the swing of podcasting after a break. 

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Episode 029: Will Comes Home to an Empty Fridge

Will comes home from a trip to Florida to an empty fridge. He takes the opportunity to clean the fridge, shop for groceries, reflect on the difference between podcasting and NPR-style radio, and listen to the sounds of the ocean.

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Episode 028: Keep to Eat, Keep to Feed

We're talking about the pantry this week. Will gets together with Coye Heard, Eileen McGinnis, and her beau Saul to cook at Coye's Kitchen Stadium. It's not a contest. But we did all cook with tons of melons and spices and grains and herbs and sauces from Coye's well-appointed pantry. Also, hear a bit about the history of pantries, learn how to prepare your pantry for a disaster, and think about donating to to a food pantry. 

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Episode 027: Creating Community Through Words On Food

I know the title is kind of a mouthful, but it's hard to find just the right phrase for this episode. Will joins writer and Ph.D. Melanie Haupt in her kitchen as she cooks and talks about her dissertation, which is on word-based food communities. She studies cookbooks, food bloggers, and even novels with recipes in them (not a huge genre). Also, Will rants on a grocery store chain in Appetizing or Appalling segment and plays the smooth sounds of "soul food." 

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Episode 026: Phoning It In

Will phones it in this week. Literally. Like he doesn't even have time to write a description.

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Episode 025: Mr. Cheeseman

It's raining. It's not raining cheese, but that would be cool. Will presents G. K. Chesterton's "Cheese" and talks with John Antonelli of Antonelli's Cheese Shop.

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Episode 024: Snakes on a Trailer

Will's old pal Brian comes to town. The lovely Anastasia, Brian, and Will hit a bunch of local food trailers. They reconnect with Sam Raver of Wurst Tex and talk about serving up rattlesnake, and they finish their day at Bufalo Bob's Chalupa Wagon. Bufalo Bob stops by their table to chat for a spell.

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Episode 023: You Are What You Speak

Will continues his conversation with Marvin Bindelee, executive director of Foodways Texas at UT-Austin. Last week, we talked about what foodways is. For those of you who missed it, foodways is kind of the cultural anthropology of food. In this episode, we get really deep into how the sausage is made, at one point, literally. We begin talking about what foodways is and we talk about its major methodology, the oral history. What emerges is a kind of overview on what oral histories are, why they are important, and what we can learn about our food by conducting them, archiving them, and listening to them. Editor's Note: Will neglected to mention that the music today comes from BrunoXe, the song was called "viva latinoamerica" and you can <a href="" title="Get the song on Jamendo">get it on</a>. 

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Episode 022: What Is Foodways, Anyways?

Marvin Bendele schools Will in the ways of foodways. Marvin and Will talk about what foodways is, and what his organization, Foodways Texas, has planned for the upcoming year. (Spoiler alert: barbecue!) Also, Nate Kreuter weighs in on overpriced food festivals in an "Appetizing or Appalling" segment.

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Episode 021: What's For Dinner?

A Zagat Hangout on Google + with Chef Tre Wilcox of Top Chef and Village Marquee Grill and Bar gets me thinking about the relationship between making food, working out, and eating well. I try to come up with a healthy, satisfying meal with some super foods. Also, you heard it here first: amaranth is the new quinoa.

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Episode 020: Small Plates

Listeners get a smattering of food news and juicy tidbits. This episode includes a chef hangout with Tyson Cole and Philip Speer, a quick stop at the Jester King Craft Brewery, a new cheese shop, Henri's, and Will's unconventional experiments with brisket. Also in this episode, a new segment is introduced: "Appetizing Or Appalling" invites listeners to send in their rants and raves related to foodstuffs.

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Episode 019: Ice, Ice, Baby

This week, we're talking about ice. Ice houses, ice cream, Vanilla Ice. Well, that's pretty much it. We could have gone into ice baths, The Ice Storm, and the melting arctic ice. But we didn't.

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Episode 018: Austin’s Culinary Development, Part II

This is the continuation of last week's episode in which Austin Chronicle food editor Virginia Wood talks about the changes happening in the Austin food scene. We discussed how Austin has become a darling of the national food media, how good food is starting to move out to neighborhoods, and the role of food trucks in the local food ecology. 

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Episode 017: Austin's Culinary Development

This week, I talk to Austin Chronicle Food Editor Virginia Wood about the foundations of Austin's culinary culture. From grade school gardens to farmers markets to culinary schools to new restaurants garnering national acclaim, Austin has put a lot of energy into educating its citizens about good food. Also, get a preview of the Chronicle's annual restaurant poll.

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Episode 016: The Mess Hall

Will gives a tribute his late grandmother-in-law, remembering the unique dishes--pepperoni rolls, varenyky, and squirrel stew--that made an impression on him. Producer Travis Hartman talks with his brother, Rhett Hartman, about how boot camp as a U.S. Marine changed his relationship with food.

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Episode 015: Urban Foraging

Think about your food. Think about money. Think about sustainability. Talk about what it takes to eat well. Then go foraging. No, the whole episode is not in the imperative.

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Episode 014: Real, Nerdy, Food

It's a fiesta this week, but we're partying Beijing-style. I had the wonderful opportunity to take an online cooking class from Mary Helen Leonard. She taught me and Harms Place food blogger Angela Bell how to make Chinese dumplings. We had a wonderful time. Three hours of cooking, conversation, and food nerdiness. Also, I lash out at Sherry Turkle's latest column in The New York Times. In "The Flight From Conversation" Turkle suggests that new media inhibit, rather than foster, conversation. My experience this week was exactly the opposite.     

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Episode 013: Austerity Measures

Learn how I stretch my food dollar in these tough economic times. Listen to my favorite story about food, "Stone Soup." Also Peter Reinhart talks about the transformative power of baking.

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Episode 012: The Ethics of Meat, Part 2

In this episode, I talk with my buddy Nate Kreuter about hunting feral pigs. I also talk to The Meat House Manager Russell Henckel. He tells me that wild hogs in Texas are usually feral pigs that escape captivity. Henckel also talks about hunting pigs and gives some mouth-watering tips on how to prepare them.

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Episode 011: The Ethics of Meat, Part 1

I start to consider The New York Times call to "Tell Us Why It’s Ethical to Eat Meat." My argument for the TNYT writing contest is not fully formulated, but you can hear me start to work through some ideas. Check back next week for a more polished version of the argument. In this episode, hear from David Foster Wallace and Jonathan Safran Foer on the ethical questions around eating meat.

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Episode 010: Foodways Texas

Listen to my experiences at the second annual Foodways Texas Symposium. It was a great experience. I know I have a lot to learn about Foodways, but this was a great place to start.

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Episode 009: Walmart and Food:

Because my wife encouraged me to implement austerity measures regarding my grocery shopping, I found myself at Wal-Mart. I was ambivalent about it. On the one hand, I loved that I could stretch my food dollar. On the other hand, I know Wal-Mart is not exactly the paragon of sustainability. So I did some research. Listen to what I found. Wal-Mart might not be as bad as you think. Or maybe it is. The jury is still out. 

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Episode 008: Yes! Satiation!

After some amazing barbecue, some engaging SXSW Interactive talks, some time spent with good pals Nate Kreuter and Travis Hartman, a taping of the live WTF with Marc Maron, a burger that always blows me away, a chance encounter with a friend of a friend, and a pitcher of beer, I was finally satisfied. Rather than marking the end of the show, this marks a new beginning. In a one-on-one conversation, Travis and I talk about the evolution of this podcast, and what kinds of stories might make for compelling future shows. If you have ideas, follow nosatiation on twitter and DM me some ideas.

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Episode 007: You Don't Win Friends With Salad

I look at the first 10 years of The Simpsons and pull out some of the best food episodes. It occurred to me, in putting together this long episode, that it would be very easy to write a dissertation on the cultural implications of food in The Simpsons. I will leave that work to someone else. This is, perhaps, just a small plates version of what could have been a days-long feast.

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Episode 006: Wild Games

Listen to me ramble on about definitive articles in cookbooks. Hear about what counted as wild game in the '70s and what counts now. Also, this just in: portion sizes have been increasing. Hear about a $450 cookbook that weighs more than 50 pounds. And don't you hate the tasting scene at the end of cooking shows? Listen to a spoof.

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Episode 005: Baby Cakes

In this episode, I talk with Sugar Mama's Olivia O'Neal and Holy Cacao baker Luna Mitchell. And, just in time for Mardi Gras, I bite into a king cake. Or cupcake decorated like a king cake. Will I get the baby? Listen to find out.

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Episode 004: Food, Not Foodies

In this episode, I talk about the A.P. Style guide's entry for "foodie." I talk about it for just over 14 minutes. It bugs me that much.

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The third episode of the season is up and this one is a picnic. In this episode you will hear about a fortuitous picnic-related find, listen to stories about picnics, and find the best picnic gear on the market. Also&#8212;and I'm talking to the ladies here&#8212;learn how to pee standing up.

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Listen to "The Good Burn" to meet a couple of Austin's pepper aficionados, literally hear me sweat, and get tips on what to do if you get pepper juice where it does not belong.

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Episode 001: The Manifesto

No Satiation is a foodways podcast. Foodways is the study of the social, cultural, and economic significance of what we eat.

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